Multi-Objective Planning and Reinforcement Learning

Many real-world tasks require making decisions that involve multiple possibly conflicting objectives. To succeed in such tasks, intelligent agents need algorithms that can efficiently find different ways of balancing the trade-offs that such objectives present. In these tutorials, we provide an introduction to decision-theoretic planning and reinforcement learning in the presence of multiple objectives. The most recent tutorial (Stockholm, 2018) will consist of two parts. In part 1, we presented an overview of multi-objective decision-theoretic formalisms, with real-world examples. We focused on two problem classes: multi-objective Markov decision processes (MOMDPs), in which a single agent has to make a sequence of decisions; and multi-objective coordination graphs (MO-CoGs), in which multiple agents have to coordinate. Then, we showed that different assumptions about the characteristics of multi-objective problems lead to different solution concepts such as the convex hull and the Pareto front. In part 2, we provide examples of state-of-the-art algorithms. We started with multi-objective variants of dynamic programming (planning methods). Then, we moved to multi-objective reinforcement learning (MORL). We conclude with a brief overview of applications that demonstrate the viability of multi-objective decision making in several key application domains.

Materials from multi-objective decision making lectures and tutorials

The slides for the tutorial "Multi-Objective Planning and Reinforcement Learning" together with Shimon Whiteson (UOxford) on July 10, 2018, at AAMAS conference (FAIM2018) at the Stockholmsmässan in Stockholm can be found [here].

The slides for the guest lecture on "Multi-Objective Sequential Decision Making" for the Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling course at Delft University of Technology (September 2016) are available here: [slides].

The material for the EASSS 2016 tutorial: "Multi-Objective Decision Making" (MODeM) together with Shimon Whiteson is available here: [slides]

The slides for the ICAPS 2016 tutorial "Multi-Objective Planning under Uncertainty" together with Shimon Whiteson are available here: [slides] [YouTube].

This is the material for the IJCAI 2015 tutorial: "T15: Multi-Objective Decision Making" together with Shimon Whiteson: [slides].

The slides for the guest lecture on "Multi-objective decision problems" for the Advanced Topics in Autonomous Agents course at the University of Amsterdam (April 2015) are available here : [slides].